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'There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves.' Thomas Wolfe

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    BeeKeepa wraps are made to be a reusable and more environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. In the fridge they can keep items such as cheese and freshly cut produce fresh, they can cover a bowl or plate of left overs or they can be used in a lunchbox or picnic. BeeKeepa wraps are made with organic cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and (non-organic) resin. They are malleable and easily fold and wrap to cover items. They are not suitable for liquids, as they are not airtight. They are not suitable for meat as they cannot be washed in hot water. To clean they can be rinsed in cool water, with a little mild detergent if needed, and left to air dry before storing flat in a drawer. If looked after, they can be used for up to 100 uses before being retired to the compost bin.“We have worked out a rough guide as to how much a child would use in plastic wrap based on a sandwich, muffin and nuts/sultanas in their lunch bag each day for a year. We worked it out to be 105 metres of plastic wrap that would be dumped into our ever-increasing landfill. Times this by a small school of 450 students and it comes to a massive 47 250 metres per year!” Plastic wrap cannot be recycled and is almost impossible to reuse. It takes hundreds of years to break down and once it ends up in landfill, it can be very damaging to our wildlife. Not to mention the dangerous effects it can have on our health with leaching chemicals.


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