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 'Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.' Albert Einstein

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    Grown by Crystal in Palmwoods. The tasty,mild plant known as pak choi is a great option and has a lot of positive health effects,it is highly nutritious and packed with health,fitness and fat loss enhancing nutrients. These nutrients have been suggested to aid recovery from sports and exercise injuries by strengthening cell walls and reducing inflammation.It is a brilliant source of vitaminC,which helps us to fight off infection and keep our immune systems robust Pak Choi provides an awesome source of vitaminK to help keep our bones healthy and maintained,whilst also allowing them to develop strongly and efficiently throughout our lifetime.Pak Choi also provides a generous amount of calcium to add to bone protection and maintenance. A 70g cooked portion of pak choi can provide as much calcium as a 125ml glass of full fat milk.Pak Choi can be eaten raw and makes a great addition to salads and can be added to stir fry’s and tastes amazing when heated. It mixes particularly well together with cabbage,mushrooms,onions,chilies,ginger and garlic.


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