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Meet the family!

Ben and Georgie McKeown

We created Fresh Box to answer the social need for Food Sovereignty, and to create a holistic way of life that respects mother Earth and all that inhabit her. For Fresh Box we grow Herbs and G... Read Profile

Brian and Wendy

Brian and Wendy have planted blueberries and also grow huge Water Melons, Rockmelons, Honey Dew and Pumpkins just North of Gympie. Read Profile

Compass Farm - Palmwoods

We know we shouldn't have favourites but, our favourite Farmers of all are the students at the Compass Institute Farm. They are all very lovely and treat all the animals with so much ... Read Profile

Crystal - Palmwoods

A great example of urban Agriculture Crystal purchased her home and farm in 2015 and shares her secret behind why her greens taste so good. Read Profile

Dean and Helen - Peachester

We farm our blueberries using Biodynamic, sustainable farming methods. NO artificial fertilisers or chemicals are ever used. Also banned is the use of fresh manures, except in the making of Bi... Read Profile

Dennis Angelino - Apples in Stanthorpe, Qld

The harvests from the 50-year-old trees are just a small part of Denis Angelino’s Stanthorpe orchard where he also grows old varieties of nectarines, peaches and plums. The Granelly O... Read Profile

Dragon Fruit Yellow and Sweet

Exotic, Delicious and very sweet Yellow Dragon Fruit is a bit of a slower growing variety and a very different taste to the other colours. Grown by Larry the Father of Dragons in Eudlo. Make s... Read Profile

Heres what they are saying about Fresh Box..

 Before fresh box my diet existed of eating out three times a day... As a busy professional finding the time to get quality food in the fridge seemed impossible... Now I just love coming ho... Read Profile

How the Fresh Box Community Works.

Join the Fresh Box community, build a relationship between your family and our local Sunshine Coast farmers and truly know where your food comes from. Having your weekly groceries delivered is... Read Profile

Jason Huggins

Jason Huggins comes from strong farming stock. He supplies us with a range of certified organic vegetables from his farm in Felton on the Darling downs. Jason is a staunch advocate fo... Read Profile

John - Montville

John is a bit camera shy so I had to jump in on this one. Read Profile

Larry 'Father of Dragons' - Eudlo

It seems the Dragon fruit chose Larry more than he chose to grow Dragon Fruit. Larry loves the land and is setting up his orchard for his retirement. Larry has great soil for Dragon Fruit and ... Read Profile

Les and Lesley

Before the advent of roller-milled flour, bakers’ yeast and mass production, bread was the staff of life and the simple, time-honoured process of baking was at the heart of every comm... Read Profile

Michael & Emma. Ginger, Turmeric in Landsborough

Michael and Emma grow small boutique crops of ginger for those wanting fresh, quality, produce, free from chemical inputs. They have been growing ginger for 4 years and it's great to ... Read Profile

Michael & Julie. Tempeh from Cooloolabin, Qld

Michael and Julie Joyce have been producing their fresh local Mighty Bean Tempeh in the pristine hills of Cooloolabin since 1981. Organically certified and delicious, Mighty Bean’s fresh local... Read Profile

Millie Louise - Pure Mill Chocolate

Millie Louise created the local Sunshine Coast company Pure Mill Chocolate in 2016, when she couldn't find a healthy and nourishing chocolate bar she felt good about eating. It took her over 6... Read Profile

One Families Organic Experiment

Don't doubt nature, she always knows the way. This family has answered many of the questions out there with a little science experiment. It's kind of ironic actually since it was science that ... Read Profile

Perry Road Organics - Free Range Eggs from Image Flat

Perry Road Organics have got the Organic Free Range, Pastured, Nomadic egg production rolling along nicely with beautiful lush pastures only 15km from Fresh Box HQ. Such a lovely fami... Read Profile

Peter and Alison Murray-King - Palmwoods

Peter and Alison have the tastiest organic Strawberries on the Sunshine Coast, just ask anyone who knows them. Many years ago this loving couple fell in love with the beauty of their 15 Acre block... Read Profile

Robyn Joargensen

Made locally in Widgee, just west of Gympie in a gluten free kitchen. Robyn was sick for many years with diabetes and a gluten intolerance. The doctors wanted to give her multiple medications ... Read Profile

Sharon Koski

Sharon is tucked away in Palmwoods on acreage with her rescue horses, sprouting sprouts and growing edible flowers. Her love for growing organically in her rich soil has now led her t... Read Profile

Steve and Laura Bartolo - Kandanga, Mary Valley

Casa de Maylen Organic Farm has a 1000 tree Avocado orchard including Shepard, Hass, Fuerte, Sharwill and Wurtz.   We purchased the farm in 2013 and started from the first day to take care it... Read Profile


Stu is the quintessential village farmer with a ‘No-dig’ system in which he adds organic matter to create soil and boy, do things grow , they shoot up and stand strong and robust. Abundance is... Read Profile

Tammy & Dave. Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery from Tenthill, Qld

Tammy and Dave Litzow of Black Crow Organics have owned their farm at Tenthill near Gatton for around 13 years. This is a family farm with their kids helping out at times. Tammy and Dave belie... Read Profile

Tony and Mandy - Imbil, Mary Valley

Tony is pioneering organic tomato and cucumber production in Queensland. Once a computer systems technician his unique approach is creating some regularity in the supply of tomatoes a... Read Profile

Walters Artisan Breads. Woombye, Qld

Made locally in Woombye. Walter started baking a long time ago for his family using only the highest quality organic ingredients. Because he couldn't find any good bread or cakes anywhere with... Read Profile

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